What Goes Through That Mind Of Yours?

****Halt!**** This is an 18 and over ONLY blog. Adults ONLY!!!! Hi, my name is Kitten. Too much to go into here. Just read and get to know me. Basically if you are smart enough to be reading, than this may entertain you. If you are smart enough to find my lone island in this neck of the ether, Welcome fellow Sojourner. . I am a loner by habit, and normally I really have to relate to you to "let you in my world". This is a glimpse into how I really think. This is the mind of a slightly bipolar, 32 on the Asperger's Scale, and will no longer be ashamed by my quirkiness. I am curious, humorous,smart-assed, opinionated (but not so much I'm close-minded). I enjoy science, kinky jokes, cooking, brewing, pickling, gardening. Currently I am looking forward to bringing my child back into homeschooling. Mother, housewife, uncommon weirdo. ****Warning***** This blog is mostly rated PG-13 but can swing rapidly into XXX or vulgarities. Not always safe for work. Deal with it. Because I did.
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