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I’m Still Gonna Do Yoga, Dammit

 Okay, so…I’m just not the sort of person who likes to sit around, even when ill.
Ask my last midwife, she understood though. She’d help me get a jacket on, over IV tubes, hoist my IV bag on a roll-y cart, and would say, “Just get back in bed before anyone notices.”
 Well, today was no exception. Sure, I didn’t do any heavy lifting, or standing for too long. But so far I walked around the house tidying (very lightly). And it felt good. Though my “issues” are still happening, I do feel less “weak” today. Strong enough to “lift up my mat, and walk” (Quoting Jesus). So, I’ll ignore laundry (too heavy lifting for me at the moment) and the vacuum, and instead take up my yoga mat.
 Sure, I can’t do any planking or inversions, or anything that involves resistance. But dammit, there’s got to be some yoga I can do. I don’t see why some very gentle warrior pose sequences, and some no-stretch floor stuff would hurt me. I don’t see why I couldn’t even do some of the balance poses (if I’m careful). Even just in a sitting position, rolling my neck, or true meditation in Savasna isn’t going to hurt me. If anything, this will make me stronger.  

So, if it feels right, I’ll do it.
If it get uncomfortable, I’ll stop.
But I have to try. 

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